Bangladesh Canada Friendship Society

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About Us

The Bangladesh-Canada Friendship Society shall uphold the principles of diversity and inclusion consistent with the finest tradition of Canadian law and jurisprudence. We shall encourage Bangladeshis of both genders, all ages, faiths, income levels, social status, personal beliefs and attitudes, political and lifestyle preferences to be part of the Society. We shall equally welcome and embrace members of the community who have lived in Canada for decades or have just arrived.


We aspire to be the primary choice for Bangladeshis and Canadians in promoting greater friendship and understanding in society, and advancing the core values of mutual respect, compassion, generosity and true commitment for each other.


We provide an inspiring and inclusive environment of free and open dialogue to learn from each other for our personal development and collective well being.
We stand for equity, diversity, tolerance and justice, and a society free from all forms of discrimination.
We shall help, support and embrace new immigrants and the less fortunate in society to become successful.
We shall endeavor to provide culturally rich and stimulating programs geared towards learning, discovery, entertainment and healthy living.