Bangladesh Canada Friendship Society

Election Nomination 2024


Election Nomination 2024


Prazzal Kumar Talukdar


“Prazzal Kumar Talukdar moved to Halifax, Canada in January 2021 with his wife Mukti and two children (Sidderth and Sivali). He completed his second Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Saint Mary’s University. Prazzal is currently working as a Principal Consultant at Barrington Edge Consulting. Before moving to Canada, Prazzal was living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his family for almost 11 years. In his professional career, Prazzal has experience working with some of the largest multi-nationals of the world such as Microsoft, Nokia, and Unilever throughout his 20+ years of career.

Originally from Chittagong, Prazzal spent most of his early life in Dhaka. He has a bachelor’s degree in Finance & Banking from the University of Dhaka and MBA in Marketing from IBA, University of Dhaka. Prazzal has been serving the Bangladeshi community in Nova Scotia through his active participation and contribution ever since he moved to Halifax. He is looking forward to serving the community continuously through a meaningful way.

If Prazzal is elected as a Director of the upcoming Board of BCFS, he will take active role to –

  • Promote and drive active participation and collaboration from all members of the community, making BCFS an inclusive, diverse, and equity driven organization.
  • Maintain and strengthen the relationship with provincial and federal government,
    municipalities, and socio-political organizations in an effort to uphold the position of the Bangladeshi community and its contribution to the nation.
  • Establish a strong platform for the Bangladeshi students studying in Nova Scotia through active collaboration with different university student bodies, and the creation of a network of knowledge leaders.
  • Initiate youth skill development projects in view of current and future demands.
  • Support new immigrants and students in their efforts to get settled in Nova Scotia.
  • Foster physical and mental health and well-being of the members of the community through the continuation of various cultural and sports activities as well as introduction of new

Hafizur Rahman


“Hafizur Rahman Uday initially came to Canada in 2010 as an international student and has obtained his Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mary’s University. He is currently working as a Project Manager at CITCO and is also an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces. Halifax has been his home for the last 14 years, and he has been actively serving as a volunteer at the BCFS community for the past two years. Uday currently resides in Bedford with his lovely wife, Mashtura. His vision for BCFS includes fostering inclusivity, cultural enrichment, and unity within the Bangladeshi community.”

Bijan Majumder


“Mr. Bijan Majumder, a Life member of BCFS, has been serving various not-for-profit organizations for the last 17 years in Halifax. He served as a Director cum Secretary position to the First BCFS Board of Directors. BCFS is going to turn its 5th year of operations and He believes now it’s time for a look back, review, reconciliation, adjust short-term and long-term goals, and design a new framework based on strategies in our capacity. Therefore, he would like to assist the next BCFS Board of Directors team with expressing his ability and interest including the following:

  • Protecting the core values of BCFS and ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of BCFS activities.
  • Working with community members to figure out a sustainable way of operating BCFS.
  • Implementing an accounting system to generate accurate and professional financial statements on a timely basis to ensure accountability.
  • Making a bridge between our community’s Career Experts and new immigrants/students who need career development coaching.
  • Promising to work with community parents to organize more Kid’s programs and possibly to start a BCFS Kid’s club.”

Ali Khann


“My Name is Ali Khann, I moved to Canada back in 2001 to complete my bachelor’s degree major in computer science. I graduated from Saint Mary’s University in 2005. I was really mesmerized by the beauty, politeness, friendly and diverse nature of this city which made me pursue my career here in Halifax. I have been working with NS government for 18 years under Nova Scotia Cyber Security and Digital Solutions as a System Architect.

I am married to Robaet Aziz and we have two daughters Ayra Khan and Samaira Khan. I have witnessed the progress and growth of Bangladeshi Community in Halifax over the years. I really appreciate the way how BCFS promotes the unique and beautiful Bangladeshi culture in the midst of multicultural societies in Halifax. I am proud to be the part of this Bangladeshi Community and looking forward to seeing many more new initiatives taken by BCFS.”

Anuradha Podder


“Anuradha Podder embarked on a new chapter of her life in 2021 when she moved to Halifax, and since then, she has made this her home. Having earned her bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Bangladesh University of Textiles, Anuradha initially worked as a Supply Chain Professional at the renowned British Multinational Company, Marks & Spencer. Her journey in Canada has been marked by significant achievements, including the successful completion of her Project Management Professional Certification.

Presently, Anuradha serves as the Regional Procurement Coordinator at CAPREIT, contributing her expertise to the field. Beyond her professional endeavors, Anuradha has immersed herself in the rich Bangladeshi community of Halifax, gratefully acknowledging the warmth and affection she has received from the community since her arrival. Actively participating in various community events organized by BCFS, Anuradha is a strong
advocate for women empowerment and youth leadership. She envisions fostering diversity, equity, and inclusiveness through her involvement with BCFS, expressing a keen interest in initiatives such as the BCFS Women Club and BCFS Students Chapter. Anuradha extends her heart to the Bangladeshi Nova Scotian family, seeking their love and support as she endeavors to make meaningful contributions to her newfound home.”

Kazi Mashfiqur Rahman


“Kazi Mashfiqur Rahman came to Halifax in 2013 as an international student from Bangladesh. He graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a bachelor’s in commerce degree in Marketing. He is currently working as a Student Recruitment Officer at Saint Mary’s University.

He takes immense pride in representing Bangladesh to the greater Halifax community. During his time as a student, he served as the General Secretary of Saint Mary’s University
Bangladeshi Students’ Society (SMUBSS). He used his leadership experience with SMUBSS, to successfully become the first Bangladeshi Elected President and CEO of Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (SMUSA) where he represented 7000+ students at university administration, provincial and federal government level.

He has been actively volunteering for the Bangladesh Canadian Friendship Society (BCFS) for the last two years. He would like to continue his support for BCFS in any capacity he can moving forward.